Fast-Track (3 hours)

Fast-Track (3 hours)

(Satisfactory performance in Competitor: Blue class and/or with recommendation by coach)

Minimum three days or more per week attendance. Designed for advanced competitive players. The program is designed to improve and advance players’ technique and meet their individual goals. More numbers of tournament participation.


  • Being a fast-paced sport, it involves a fleet of feet, fast reflexes, tremendous body balance & reach
  • Focus on the no resting intervals between prolonged rallies.
  • The mental component of the badminton training program.
  • Proper fundamentals and applying advanced techniques.
  • Focus on game strategies, applying a variety of strokes, and controlling errors.
  • Advanced training on attack, defensive, and trick shots, video analysis of training, and matches of players.

    Event Hours(1)

    • Sunday

      01:00 pm - 04:00 pm