• DFW-BC offers discount for group training to members
  • DFW-BC offers special discounts on rackets, bags, and shoes for students who train at least twice per week
  • DFW-BC students has first priority for private lesson scheduling with DFW-BC coaches.

Policy and Sponsorship Program

Students who compete regularly in USAB tournaments will receive special discounts on stringing services, shuttlecocks, rackets, shoes, and bags


  • Students who partake in the FOUNDATION class once a week regularly are projected to move to RALLY in 6 – 8 months based on a quarterly evaluation.
  • Students who partake in the FOUNDATION class twice or more a week regularly are projected to move to RALLY in 3 – 5 months based on a quarterly evaluation.
  • DFW-BC recommends all students of the RALLY level practice two to three times a week to prepare for local tournaments. Coaches will evaluate the students every quarter to determine their progress. Students are expected to move from RALLY to PRE-COMPETITOR / COMPETITOR in 12 months.
  • DFW-BC recommends all RALLY students to have proper badminton shoes/rackets during practice.
  • PRE-COMPETITOR / COMPETITOR students ready to compete in major tournaments are expected to train a minimum of three times a week if the student chooses to compete.
  • During the first week of every quarter, DFW-BC will conduct an internal tournament for all PRE-COMPETITOR / COMPETITOR and ELITE students. The top 12 singles students will remain in ELITE. Some spots may be reserved for double players only.
    The competition will include all DFW-BC and affiliates.
  • Parents should not interfere or request a coach to make a certain decision in the placement of a student either in class or a tournament.

Rules and Restrictions

  • Payment is due on the 1st of each month. Auto payment will be drafted.
  • Students must provide valid credit card/debit card information to us, any student who falls behind in payment may be dropped from class.
  • Students who play tournaments are still responsible for a full month of tuition; extra travel expenses may apply
  • Students need to check in at the reception counter BEFORE the class begins.
  • Students who are late will have to jog 5 minutes before joining the class.
  • Student discipline is strictly enforced.
  • All Students MUST WEAR a proper badminton uniform during their class.
  • Classes will not be held on Major Holidays
  • If there are three or fewer students enrolled in the class, DFW-BC holds the right to cut to a 1-hour class.

Coaching during tournament

DFW-BC will send our coaching team to some local tournaments and major tournaments if resources are available. Full tuition is still required during tournament months per DFW-BC’s regular fee schedule.

Every DFW-BC student is important to us, no matter what level the child is in. DFW-BC will coach each child as we see fit. Parents should not interfere with DFW-BC’s tournament coaching arrangement during the tournament.
Concerns should be brought up only after the conclusion of the tournament.
In Singles tournament coaching, DFW-BC will not be coaching the game if both players represent DFW-BC. Parents are allowed to coach; however, this is also a good time to train our players for independent tournament play.


DFW-BC Coaches must focus on the main draw first before consolation games. The needs of the individual players will be taken into account when Coaches have arranged tournaments.


Parents are requested not to interfere or interact with the coach during a tournament game. Any concerns should be brought up with the coach pre/post-match.

Pro shop

Our facility offers a full-service pro-shop carrying the finest badminton equipment in the world.

  • Yonex, Li-Ning, and Victor
  • Stringing facility
  • Racket sales and rentals
  • Shuttlecocks: Yonex, Aeroplane, and Youhe
  • Badminton Shoes, Clothing, Bag, Accessories Sales