Our Facility and Gym Regulations

Our Facility

DFW Badminton Center is a twelve-court premier badminton facility located in the city of Irving, Texas. We are about 12 minutes southeast of the DFW International Airport. We strive to provide a platform for further promotion and growth of badminton in Greater Texas, especially in the DFW Metro. Our Center provides excellent service, innovative training, and a welcoming environment for all players.


DFW Badminton Center provides high-quality training programs in family family-friendly atmosphere which nurtures personality development. Together with Plano Badminton Center, we are proud to say that under our professional coaching staff, we have produced several junior players who perform well nationally in the USA. Our team cares about its students. Through positive reinforcement, they motivate students to achieve personal excellence.  


Currently, we have four convenient locations (in Plano, Irving, McKinney, and Carrollton) with a total of 41 badminton courts to serve recreational and competitive badminton players, tournaments, umpire seminars, corporate events, and private parties.



Court Description:
Twelve badminton courts with Synthetic Badminton flooring.

Gym Regulations

Safety is a priority for the people who play at DFW-BC

  • Don’t touch any of the electrical panels.
  • Except for taking lessons, kids under the age of 12 must be accompanied by parents in the gym.
  • The students taking lessons must be picked up by their parents to leave the gym.
  • Wear clean and non-marking badminton shoes.


Use the court rotation system to manage the schedule to play

  • Must check in with the Front Desk when you enter into the gym.
  • Must wait for your turn to check in
  • Use the provided manual board system (or computer if available) to sign your name into the waiting list for the courts.
  • Must not list your name more than once in the waiting list
  • Each turn is limited to 20 minutes or two of 21-point games when there are some players shown on the waiting list.
  • Must Be Fair and Courteous to the other players who are waiting to play
  • Must Remember this is family-friendly facility and you come to have fun
  • Respect our rules as you want others to respect your rules in your house


Challenge court (when assigned)

  • When playing in the assigned Challenge court, the winner will stay until losing or taking a break.
  • One game is for 21 points.
  • Challenge games can be played single, double, or mixed double.


Keep the gym clean for practice

  • Always wear clean-marking badminton shoes.
  • Wear proper sports/gym clothes.
  • Must put your used birdies into the provided birdie box.
  • Must put the trash you produce into trash cans.
  • Clean after yourself and set a good example


Please note that Unauthorized Private Lessons are prohibited