School Programs

Middle and High School Program


The middle and High School team is designed for middle and high school players seeking to improve their performance and technique emphasize is on competing University level training and local/junior/various types of tournaments.

Our Plano Badminton Center and DFW Badminton Center provide top notch coaches to make sure our students learn the right techniques, footwork and strategies to improve their skill levels to the next tier.

About the class:

  • Minimum training at 2X Week
  • Private lessons and special classes are recommended
  • Each training session emphasizes on basic skill, drills, footwork, physical training
  • Introduction to junior level tournaments
  • More focus on tactics and Strategy while playing games

This program is designed for children who are new to playing badminton. The focus is on teaching the fundamentals of badminton, rules of the game, applicable badminton terminologies, and basic skills sets.

  • Basic strokes – including proper grip, a swing of the racket, follow-through, using full-body motion through, racket and shuttlecock point of contact, how to serve & return
  • Basic footwork and stroke combination
  • General physical conditioning – warm-up & cool down exercises, cardiovascular / endurance exercises, strengthening & flexibility exercises
  • Basic court play rules – scoring for singles and doubles games, service/receiving, faults, on Court etiquette and sportsmanship
  • Life skills – persistence, patience, endurance, fairness, honesty, teamwork, friendship, sportsmanship, etc.

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 6.00pm – 7.30pm
Saturday, Sunday: 3.30pm – 5.00pm


Classes Per WeekMemberNon-MemberSign-Up Fee
1 per week$80$90$15 (Free T-shirt)
2 per week$145$165$15 (Free T-shirt)
3 per week $220$245$15 (Free T-shirt)